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20 Baby Items that Seasoned Moms Love (and new moms will want!)

When I was pregnant with my first, I tricked myself into thinking that my unborn child needed every single baby item on the market. I wanted everything to be shiny and new. *Cue the laughter of seasoned moms* Fast-forward 3 years and I now have a 6 month old that I lovingly refer to as my “Thrift Store Special.” In the last 3 years, I’ve come to find out that babies don’t need a lot in terms of material things. Shelter, food, a safe place to sleep, clothing, diapers and plenty of love is pretty much all that your baby actually needs. 

That said, I’ve found some awesome products that have made a huge impact on simplifying my life with an infant. Some were recommended to me by more experienced moms when I was just starting out. Their recommendations were such a great help to me. I hope these can be a help to you, too! Behold my list of 20 baby items that seasoned moms love:

This post contains affiliate links meaning that if you were to make a purchase through one of these links, I would receive a small commission. That said, I have personally purchased and used every item on this list apart from several recommended by other moms that I trust (these items are noted). I stand by these products 100 percent from personal experience.

1. Fischer Price Rock n Play Sleeper

If you ask around, a lot of moms will recommend the Rock ‘n Play. This thing was Heaven-sent for both of my babes. It snuggled them like they were still in the womb, kept them at an incline (which was great for my 2nd who had reflux) and was super portable. There are several models with different features like auto-rock, vibration and blue-tooth connectivity. I had the plain-Jane original. It was still a lifesaver and is still going strong after 2 kids. Score!

2. Swing

This swing was awesome with side-to-side & front-to-back swinging options, circling mobile and music.

3. Crib

This crib transitions into a toddler, day bed and a full-sized bed. It’s decently priced and has held up great with my wild 3 year old. I love how this bed grows with her.

4. Stroller & Infant Car Seat Combo

I recommend saving money and purchasing a stroller and infant car seat together. I have this Urbini set.  It’s great because the stroller converts from forward-facing to parent-facing and into a traditional baby carriage, which I love, plus the design is super sleek and modern.

5. Storage

Organization helps drastically with keeping your sanity as a mom. I have storage for everything from diapers and outgrown clothes to creams, bottles and crib sheets. These bins are great for storage in closets, under beds, etc.

6. Jumper

At around 4 months old, baby has to start getting that energy out somehow! Having a jumper or walker is great for building up their leg muscles, helping them stay upright and entertaining them while Mama gets a break.

7. Tummy Time Mat

My son loves the piano and toys on this mat but spreading a thick blanket or quilt on the floor with some toys does the job.

8. Carrier

If you have a little one that refuses to be put down, the carrier will be your best friend. I’ve tried several types of carriers and my favorite, hands down, has been the Baby K’tan. It’s got the look of a wrap but is SO much simpler to wear than the Moby. If a wrap isn’t your thing, I’ve got a mama friend who swears by her Tula.

9. White Noise

Newborns aren’t accustomed to silence. They’ve been surrounded by a melody of whooshing and heartbeats for 9 months. It makes sense that they would be soothed by white noise. Now, I wouldn’t go plunk down a hundred dollars for a machine just yet. A running fan worked great for us and baby boy is loving this Hippo that Santa brought for Christmas.

10. Monitor

I used this simple audio monitor with my first. It’s currently in storage until I can get the co-sleeping 2nd child transitioned to his own room. The struggle is real.

11. High Chair

Apparently, the Bumbo isn’t safe for little one to eat in. Whoops. This high chair was a decent upgrade. I love how easy the cover is to wash.

12. Bottle Warmer

Some will say you don’t need a bottle warmer and that’s fine. I didn’t have one with my daughter. My son, who was breastfed for 5 months, refuses to drink anything that isn’t warm so the bottle warmer has been a game-changer.  I like this Tommee Tippee warmer because it’s wide enough to fit all kinds of bottles.

13. Aveeno Eczema Therapy

This cream cleared my daughter’s cradle cap in just a few days. Bonus – it does wonders for my skin, too!

14. Burt’s Bees Diaper Ointment

This cream has gotten rid of horrible diaper rashes in less than 1 day. I love this stuff. Baby may also get a rash in his/her neck creases from moisture being locked in and this is safe for that, too. I use this stuff on everything.

15. Bottle Brush

I like the brushes with the spongy ends. The fully-bristled ones spray water and soap everywhere when you pull them out of the bottle.

16. Anything Medela

I struggled to breastfeed both of my children so I have purchased and used a TON of breastfeeding products to “simplify” the process. Every item that saved my life (and by my life, I mean my boobs) was Medela.

It’s awesome that the least expensive product was the one that saved me the most. If you plan on breastfeeding, buy a nipple shield. Trust me. Your girls will thank you.

Here are some other Medela products that I have used and loved:


Double Breast Pump (check with your insurance to see if you’re eligible for a free pump!)

Soft shells (for sore nipples)

Pump & Save Bags (freezer storage – *tip* lay the full bags flat to freeze so that they take up less space in the freezer)


17. Terry Cloth Bibs

I have one word: teething. There will be drool, so much drool. Make sure you have some bibs on hand to keep little one dry.

18. Crib Sheets

Make sure you have several of these. It makes middle-of-the-night diaper explosions and spit-up episodes so much easier.  These jersey knit sheets are super breathable.

19. Swaddle Sacks

Both of my babes would always break free from the muslin swaddling blankets. They loved these snugly swaddle sacks for their softness and warmth.  I loved them for giving me longer sleep hours. Win-win.

20. Boppy Pillow

I’ve heard mixed reviews on the Boppy. You pretty much either love it or hate it. I loved mine because I was able to nurse [mostly] hands-free and my little ones loved it for tummy time. The slipcovers make cleaning a breeze which is always a plus for busy moms.


So there you have it, 20 of my favorite baby products that simplified my life with an infant. The best thing about most of these is that they’re reusable. I bought them for my daughter, put them in storage and broke ’em back out after I had my son. Obviously, my “everything must be shiny & new” phase wore off. 🙂

I would love for new moms to have even more recommendations and feedback! What were some of your favorite items for baby? Were there any on my list that didn’t work for you? Sharing is caring, leave a reply!

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