DIY Bunny Door Hanger

How to make your own bunny door hanger for spring.

Spring is on it’s way!  Upon walking through the seasonal aisle with my 3 year old, I noticed that there wasn’t anything I’d like to display in my home.  The plastic grass and cheap eggs weren’t doing it for me.  Let me tell you, they were doing everything for my child.  She grabbed every piece of pastel propaganda that she could get her hands on.  Don’t cha just love shopping with kids? After the amazement wore off and I had to restore the shelves to their well-stocked beauty, I decided to go home and make my own bunny door hanger; something that would last and look super cute every spring.

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  • jig saw
  • drill
  • pencil or marker
  • wood
  • sandpaper (optional)
  • paint
  •  twine or ribbon



  1. Choose the wood you would like to use.  You’re looking for a smooth surface.  I prefer salvaged and free.  There’s a stack of wood from some busted up cabinets in our garage so I used a cabinet door.  Nobody would have ever guessed!
  2. Draw your bunny onto the wood.  Get creative with this. To make my circles, I used a frying pan for the body and a plate for the head.  You can always find “templates” from things around the house!  For the ears, I folded a sheet of paper in half and drew half an ear along the fold.  Cut it out and you have an ear template.  Voila.

3. Use your jig saw  to cut out your shape.  Go slowly.

4. Drill a hole(s) wherever you want to thread your twine or ribbon.

5. Sand down any rough edges.  If you’re working with finished wood, sand the surface a bit so your paint sticks.

6. Paint!  This is the fun part.  Paint on 2 or 3 coats of your base color and get creative.  I prefer the simple look but I’ve done a chevron pumpkin hanger for fall that I absolutely love.  Paint your personality!

7. Thread your twine or ribbon through the holes, tie a knot or a bow and you’re ready to hang it on your door!


How simple is that! Let me know how yours turned out.  I would love to see other colors and patterns!

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